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Moon Rocks – Auxigen Silver Range


🗜 Solvent-less Extracted Rosin.
🌱 No Genetically Modified Substances.
🌟 Premium Flowers.

Not your typical cannabis, that’s for sure. These moon rocks are dipped into a triple blend of warm solvent-less Rosin and then sprinkled with keif. It’s a trifecta.

Flowers Used: Grape Lime Ricky
Rosin Used: Star Dawg, Blue Cheese, 22 (Jack Herer).
Keif Used: Lemon Haze

In order for the best experience consuming Moon Rocks, use a hash bowl or a smoking pipe. Most people recommend NOT putting moon rocks into your weed grinder. Although if you want to enjoy them in a joint, we advise chilling them for 20-30 mins in the fridge, then break small pieces of the moon rock of by hand and grind small amounts at one time.


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3.5, 7, 14, 28, 56