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D-NAIL® The Cliffhanger


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Obviously torch nails aren’t what you expect from an electronic nail company, but there’s a large degree of overlap. The Cliffhanger’s unique design offers a much larger unbroken surface area than traditional styles while allowing easier even heating. The dish bottom is designed to evenly distribute the flame from a torch while simultaneously distributing and holding that heat throughout the dish.

The dish is primarily intended to be an after-market add-on for our favorite modular nail, the InfiniTi by Highly Educated. It also works great with our new F-10 titanium nail base – a less expensive but also less versatile alternative with a dedicated 14mm male joint. On either setup, you can use either a standard size Highly Educated Carb Cap or the ® Universal Carb Cap.

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  • Uses  Flat Coil Heaters
  • Compatible with all  V1 series titanium nail bases
  • Compatible with  Slim Series modular nail base
  • Compatible with Highly Educated InfiniTi
  • Compatible with  Sapphire Insert for InfiniTi/HALO™ and  V1 Sapphire Insert (as a convection shelf)
  • Compatible with Universal Titanium Carb Cap
  • High grade silicon carbide
  • Even dish temperatures for very consistent vaporization
  • Tolerant of temperatures exceeding 3000°F
  • Resistant to thermal shock up to 700°F ΔT
  • Very chemically inert

Cleaning: Most residue will simply wipe away with a damp cloth or cotton swab. Any remainder may be torched to carbonize.

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Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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