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CHILLIT® Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

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If you are going on a business trip, a day out in the sun, a long car journey or travelling to a very hot country then you might want to look at ways to keep the medicine protected. Ready for travel with the provided car charger and portable bag inclusive with your purchase. Plug into the mains or car charger for unlimited power.

The CHILLIT intelligent technology portable pharmaceutical refrigerator is a combination of art and science, it contains a frequency conversion inverter-control system, an extremely high performance semi conductor refrigeration chip and the truly unique design has an amazingly compact body with the ability to store a large amount of medicine for safe and stable transportation. A long 12 hour average stand-by time is provided from its powerful built-in 12000mAh Samsung battery. The super fast cooling technology is capable of storing medicine at 2°-8°C in ambient environments up to 30°C, the internal storage has a controllable temperature range of between 2°-20° Celsius. The inverter control system is capable of detecting temperatures below 0°C and will protect your medicine by activating the anti-freeze system and reversing its setting to keep things stable. Most standard silicone containers and glass jars will fit, storage capacity can be increased if using folded paper.

Carrying bag:1PC
Internal battery :1PC
Power adapter :1PC
Car adapter :1PC
Instruction booklet:1PC
Warranty card:1PC

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1. Super-fast cooling, also has a heating feature.

2. Consistently maintains 2° – 8° within the ambient environment of 30°

3. Samsung lithium battery 14 hours standby time

4. Extremley quiet, maximum of 30 DB.

5. Small but spacious.

6. Portable and fashionable travel bag.

7. 12V DC Power Input

8. Large LCD display shows the time and refrigeration temperature clearly, interchangeable between ℃ and ℉

9. Auto-heating to 2℃ when ambient environment is below 0℃.


Name: CHILLIT® Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Power adapter input voltage:AC110V-240V

Outside dimension:207mm*94mm*91mm

Car converter input voltage: DC12V

Inside dimension: 175mm*60mm*26mm

Internal battery standby time :≈12H

Internal battery capacity : 12000mah

Weight: 780g

Rated Power: 24W(MAX)

Temperature range: 2-20℃

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 cm


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