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Please Check Your Address Details

Are Your Shipping Details Correct?

Please make some changes to the way your address is formatted, to help us process more orders, faster.

From time to time, we receive an order which doesn't have a door number, or a house name or sometimes has some duplicate information. When we are packing orders, the address you provide is copied and pasted onto a label exactly how you typed it out, so it is very important that these details are completely accurate as well as being formatted correctly, to avoid confusion with the post man.

Below, is an example of how the address should be entered.

Street Address: Should ALSO have the house name or flat number.
Main Door Example: 123 Test Street. - (123 being the main door)
Apartment Example: 12/13 Test Street. - (12 being the main door, 13 being the apartment number)
Cottage Example: Alpha House, Test Street. - (Alpha house being the cottage, Test Street being the village)
Bad Example: Test Street. (with no house or apartment number)

EXTRA STEP: Please check your account page to ensure that your address is formatted the following way, without any duplicate information, for example "Edinburgh" on more than one line.

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Please Check Your Address Details
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