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Cannabinoid Receptors and CBD-induced Cancer Metastasis

The Endocannabinoid system is still in very early stages of research but currently comprises of 7 main receptors, although an 8th receptor has recently been more closely studied.

The most talked about receptors in the Endocannabinoid System are CB1 and CB2, many small health organisation, CBD suppliers and retailers believe that CB1 and CB2 are the bread and butter of the ECS and that there’s not much more to it than just CB1, CB2 and CBD. This is because of larger health organisations like the NHS Scotland deliberately failing to give any valid information about this system solely because of the endless therapeutic benefits it has to offer, as well as how easy it it to maintain if a patient is shown to do so correctly. This system is society’s gateway out of the pharmaceutical market and Big Pharma will do anything in their power to stop it from being recognised for what it really is.

In 2014 The NHS Scotland chose to stop publicising their finding on ECS research. They appear to have stopped researching it but they have began marketing CBD as a supplement and as the only legal form of cannabis. Essentially they have told society that if they need medical cannabis that they must take CBD, which is to be done so on a regular basis.

Worryingly, with a little bit of research outside of the suppressed data that NHS Scotland have chose to present to us, it is evident that receptor number three GPR55 can be overstimulated with CBD which causes what’s known as “Cell Proliferation” which kickstarts a RAPID growth and progression in cancer and tumour cells which eventually leads to Cancer Metastasis, this is more commonly described by doctors as stage 4 cancer. This goes against all laws of homeostasis.

GPR55 is located in the brain, cerebellum, jejunum and ileum which means that overusing CBD might be helping with those aches and pains, but it is most definitely growing cancer and tumour cells in your brain and essentially your intestine if you are using it too frequently.

We will be posting very in-depth information about CBD and GPR55 Metastasis very soon as well as when and how to use CBD correctly to avoid Cell Profileration.

Endocannabinoid System Homeostasis

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